Welcome to Muskegon County GIS


Muskegon County GIS is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation Muskegon County GIS mapping applications.  Over the past 3 months, we have been working to upgrade 5 versions of software spanning 4 years of application deployment as well as address various compatability issues and feature/data enhancements and data enhancement requests.  We hope you find our efforts beneficial, and we WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK. 

Major enhancements include:
-Introducing the new Muskegon County GIS YouTube Channel
   -How-to videos and instruction on how to use the new applications
   -You asked for it, and now printing is available within most of the applications.  Check out the
   How-To Printing Video to see how it works within the new applications
-Reporting and assessing descriptions
   -The new Property Viewer includes the ability to print a report on a selected parcel.  This report
   INCLUDES basic property information, a map, and the assessment roll description from the assessor
-Consistent Basemap
   -Integration of a completely new basemap and aerial photography basemap provide each site
   (application) a consistent base from which to work from
-Multi-year Aerial Photography
   -Integration of a new feature allows users to view aerial photography on a time slider to view the
   four (4) currently available years of Muskegon County aerial photography (2014/2013/2008/2001) 
-Browser Compatability
   -All applications (sites) are now available for use on all modern web browsers.  We have removed
   the utilization of the Silverlight plug-in so there is no longer an issue with the Chrome browser not
   being able to use the full functionality of our sites
-Mobile Compatability
   -All applications (sites) are now compatable with mobile phones and tablets.  Included in the
   applications when used within mobile environments is the ability to geolocate the user on the map. 
   A geolocate (aka: "Find Me") tool will be available when the apps are used in a mobile environment

There are many more "behind-the-scenes" enhancements that help in operation of the sites. Muskegon County GIS hopes these enhancements improve your utilization of our sites.  

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Thank you,   
Thomas Van Bruggen
GIS Administrator