Muskegon County Online Mapping Applications

The Muskegon County GIS public mapping applications are offered as an interactive resource providing answers to frequently requested, location-based information with the convenience of access from anywhere an internet connection is available at any time of the day.  Residents and business use the mapping applications to find locally updated information, view area specific community maps, and leverage the power of spatial information in decision making.

Use of the Muskegon County GIS Mapping Applications assumes agreement with the Muskegon County GIS Disclaimer, which can be viewed HERE

Property Viewer   Business Parks Viewer   Polling Place Locator

The Property Viewer provides access to basic property information, aerial photography and assessment information.  This NEW version of the site also now features PRINTING and REPORTING

The Business Parks viewer provides access to basic information regarding business and industrial parks located in Muskegon County and links with Muskegon Area First Business Park Data

The Polling Place Locator provides property search ability to find a property and identify its polling location, as well as link to directions and the State of Michigan Ballot Lookup.
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Property Viewer
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Parks Viewer
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Place Locator
Land Bank Property Viewer   Ashland Township Cemetery Viewer   Muskgon County
Cemetery Viewer

Provides a viewer designed to highlight the properties now or formerly owned by the Muskegon County Land Bank.

Ashland Townshiph, in Newaygo County worked with WMSRDC and Muskegon County GIS to map their cemeteries and host a viewer for cemetery information.
The Muskegon County Cemetery Viewer allows users to view burial information for cemeteries across Muskegon County.  Limited cemeteries are online with more soon.
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Property Viewer
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Cemetery Viewer
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Cemetery Viewer
Zoning Viewer for Individual Communities
Zoning Viewers for Individual Communities allow users to view zoning maps for the selected City, Township or Village.  Becasue zoning classification systems vary widely from community to community, each is presented in its own application.  Select your desired community from teh list below to launch the zoning viewer. As additional communities are finalized, their viewer will be released here. 

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for the City of Muskegon
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for Muskegon Township
MiLocator   FEMA NFHL FIRMette Tool   Census Explorer

The MiLocator is a points-of-interest locator provied by the State of Michigan, and starts geographically focused on Muskegon County.

The National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) FIRMette Tool allows users to search for a property and generate their own FIRM mini-map.

The Census Explorer application is provided by the US Census Bureau and allows view and display of census data.
NFHL FIRMette Tool Explorer
Census Explorer
Esri Tapestry Segmentation   Public Land Survey
System Map Journal

The Esri Tapestry Segementation Program looks at US Census and other datasets to generalize zip-codes and neighborhoods into 67 unique segments to give insight into an area.

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Map Journal provides information about how the majority of the United States was originally surveyed for land development. 
Esri's Tapestry
PLSS Map Journal