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2015 Muskegon County Plat Book Now Available
Muskegon County has updated the Plat Book in conjunction with Farm & Home Publishers.   The book features parcels and ownership for all townships throughout the County, including the City of Norton Shores.  

The books are available through the Muskegon County Equalization Department at a cost of $30.00 per book.

Muskegon County GIS Strategic Plan

2014 Muskegon County GIS Strategic Plan Update
2014 Muskegon County GIS Strategic Plan Executive Summary
    During the spring and summer of 2014, Muskegon County        
    contracted with Infogeographics Inc. to
    update the original 2006 GIS Strategic Plan. 
    This 2014 plan update will be used to guide and direct GIS
                      developments for the next several years.
   2006 Muskegon County GIS Strategic Plan

Muskegon County GIS Newsletter Archives

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Awards & Recognitions

2009 IMAGIN GIS for Everyone Award

IMAGIN, a GIS professional organization for Michigan, presents several awards each year to recognize the outstanding work of GIS organizations and professionals each year.
The GIS for Everyone Award is presented to an organization that seeks to make GIS data
or analysis accessible to other organizations and/or to the public.  GIS organizations
that strive to disseminate and share data make spatial data available to everyone.
Muskegon County is honored to have received this award in 2009. 

Publications and Presentations
IMAGINews November/December 2005 - Who's Doing What Article 
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Muskegon Chronicle Newspaper - Front Page Feature on Muskegon County GIS 
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