Muskegon County GIS Partner Applications

The Muskegon County GIS Partner Applications are offered are offered to County departments and to local municipalities to assist in the day-to-day business operations of local government.  These applications are restricted to authorized users and require usernames and passwords. 

Use of the Muskegon County GIS Mapping Applications assumes agreement with the Muskegon County GIS Disclaimer, which can be viewed HERE

ECF Neighborhood
  Environmental Quality
Site Viewer
  Fire Hydrant

The ECF Neighborhood Viewer provides property tax assessors the ability to view the assigned ECF Neighborhoods assigned per parcel.


The Environmental Quality Site Viewer provides Environmental Health staff a viewing tool for identification of wells, septic systems, and contamination sites.


The Fire Hydrant Viewer provides fire department personnel and DPW employees the ability to view locations of fire hydrants

Launch ECF
Neighborhood Viewer
  Launch Environmental 
Quality Site Viewer
Hydrant Viewer
Land Bank

The Land Bank Property Reviewer is used by Land Bank staff and the Land Bank Committee for review of potential properties that may be added to the Land Bank portfolio of properties. 

Pictometry ConnectExplorer allows users to view aerial photography from both ortho (top down) and oblique (side angle) views. 

Pictometry ConnectAssessment is designed for property tax assessors to review and identifiy structures on properties that have changed between 2008 and 2014 aerial photography flights. 
Land Bank Reviewer
    Click HERE to view the ConnectExplorer User Guide   Click Here to view the ConnectAssessment User Guide
Survey Viewer
  Rental Property
Inspections Viewer
  School Safe
Zones Viewer

The Property Survey Viewer is designed to give access to scanned property surveys on file at Muskegon County GIS to assessors and equalization staff.

The Rental Property Inspections Viewer is in BETA RELEASE .  This application is for inspections departments who perform rental property inspections to review when and where inspections have occured.

The School Safe Zones Viewer is designed to assist law enforcement and State probation staff in identifying properties that fall under the restrictions of the Sex Offender Registry Act
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Survey Viewer
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Inspections Viewer
  Launch School
Safe Zones Viewer
Tax Map Printing
  Wastewater Facility
Asset Viewer
  Water System Viewer

The Tax Map Printing Application is for use by Muskegon County Equalization staff in support of customer requests for printed tax parcel maps.

The Wastewater Facility Asset Viewer is designed for Wastewater System and municipal DPW staff to review the wastewater system assets contained within the GIS System.

The Water System Viewer is desiged for County and Municipal DPW Staff to visualize adn review the water system contained within the GIS system.

Launch Tax Map
Printing Viewer
  Launch Wastewater
Facility Asset Viewer
  Launch Water
System Viewer
Zoning Notification

The Zoning Notification App is designed for Zoning Administrators and staff to develop the mandatory 300 foot buffer notifications for zoning variance applications.
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Notification Application