GIS Products and Pricing

Muskegon County GIS produces a wide variety of maps and products pertaining to the County GIS system data.  The products shown below are commonly requested maps and associated information.  If you are not seeing the information or product you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can provide you the information or product you need.

Muskegon County GIS Products

24x36 Inch County
Commissioners Map

Muskegon County Board of Commissioners
District Map

The County Commissioners Map displays the boundaries of the nine (9) Muskegon County Commissioners, their district number, and the current County Commissioner for each district. This map was updated in 2012 with all current commissioners. The commissioner boundaries were set by the Muskegon County Redistricting Committee in 2011/2012, when the committee decreased the number of commissioners from 11 to 9 commissioners.

If you would like to purchase a full color 24x36 inch print of the County Commissioners Map or any of the District Detail Maps, the cost is $20.00 and can be ordered by contacting Muskegon County GIS at
231-724-4458 or via email from the Contact Us Page

District 1 Detail Map District 2 Detail Map District 3 Detail Map
District 4 Detail Map District 5 Detail Map District 6 Detail Map
District 7 Detail Map District 8 Detail Map District 9 Detail Map
2015 Muskegon County Plat Book

Every three (3) to four (4) years, Muskegon County contracts to have a plat book produced.  Completely updated in 2012, and slated for a 2015 summer update, the Muskegon County Plat Book provides a standardized presentation of general property ownership.  This book format is very popular with hunting and recreation enthusiasts, real estate professionals and many others.

The cost for each plat book is $30.00

Shipping rates for the Muskegon County 2012 Plat Map Books:
1 = $2.75   2 = $5.05   3 = $5.32   4 = $5.32   5 = $5.49
Please contact Equalization for shipping rates if
ordering quantities of 6 or more.

Mail in your request with check to the:
Muskegon County Equalization Department
Muskegon County Building Governmental Complex
South Campus, Building C
173 E. Apple Ave
Muskegon, MI 49442
Please make checks payable to: MUSKEGON COUNTY EQUALIZATION


18x24 Inch County Tax Parcel Map Sample

18x24 Inch County Aerial Overlay Tax Map Sample
Muskegon County Parcel Tax Mapping
The Tax Parcel Mapping presents the Muskegon County standardized tax parcel mapping product. Featuring parcel boundaries, road right-of-ways, easements, lakes, rivers, building footprints (where available), property addresses, property dimensions, platted boundaries, plat names and code numbers, parcel numbers, and numerous additional features. The 18x24 inch format covers all townships of Muskegon County at scale of 1"=400' and 1"=200' and additionally covers cities at a scale of 1"=100'.

The Aerial Photography with Tax Parcel Mapping Overlay Map presents the Current (or historic) Digital Orthophotography for Muskegon County, along with the basic parcel mapping features, including parcel lines, parcel numbers, road right-of-ways, road names, and subdivision/condominium boundaries in a standardized 18 inch by 24 inch format. This format is available for all municipalities of Muskegon County, at scales of
1"= 400', 1"=200', and 1'=100'.

Pricing for Tax Maps and Aerial Overlay Tax Maps:

Letter Size (8.5x11) Tax Map:       $3.00
Ledger Size (11x17) Tax Map:        $5.00
Arch C Size (18x24) Tax Map:        $8.00
Large Size (34x36) Tax Map:           $12.00

Letter Size (8.5x11) Aerial Map:       $6.00
Ledger Size (11x17) Aerial Map:        $8.00
Arch C Size (18x24) Aerial Map:        $10.00
Large Size (34x36) Aerial Map:           $15.00

Muskegon County Custom Mapping
Muskegon County GIS offers a wide variety of other mapping products and custom mapping that is delivered to you specifications.  Additional information on other product offerings will be posted soon, but please contact us for any of your mapping needs.